Monday, 10 January 2011


I'm currently reading a fat book called 'The Way We Live Now' by Anthony Trollope, set in 1870s London. I recognise some of the posh road names from customer references at work. My job is in an office providing curtain poles to mainly London based Interior Design Companies.

I'm now on page 552 and am very proud of this.

Why? The honest answer, to impress my Dad, or at least have something to talk to him about. When I told him last year I had read a Jane Austen book 'Persuasion' he said to try some Trollope. Its an opportune time, now that I live in New Malden without a television or boyfriend.

It has been a labour of love but at 75% of the way through the book it has started to become more interesting and I feel able to enjoy reflecting on the meaning of the characters and to try to work out what the author is trying to say. I am now eager to discover the authors conclusions on who should end up marrying who, who will be wealthy at the end and if there will be a sense of justice.

Anyway, back to my Dad.

He is one of the most amazing, humble and intelligent people I know. He has written many small plays and in February (19th, 20th and 21st), two of them will be on show at the Roses Theatre in Tewkesbury, acted by TADS (Tewkesbury Arts and Drama Society). I think he is also acting in both. I cannot wait to go as I saw one of the plays in October last year and it was cracking, and expertly directed by TADS member Oonagh Hughes. I have read the other one 'Committtee Meeting' and it will be interesting to see it on the boards.

So I wanted to show him that I respect his opinion enough to read the whole of this blooming book. As he is getting on in years I thought it would be a good idea to create more connections. It turns out he hasn't read this one though, but I intend to have finished it by February when I'll pass it on to him.