Sunday, 25 March 2012

Art & Drawing

'shorn of any faith in God, the arts have become imbued with the qualities of a secularised religion. The only immortality anyone believes in now is the immortality of the artist, whose soul is encapsulated in his works for all eternity.' - Will Self

Tomorrow is the first of a new monthly drawing meeting, I'm running. It is a 'drop in' style at Cornerstone church office premises in Kingston.

I've been looking online- revisiting the advice of my Art foundation tutor (I learnt from him over ten years ago). I found some refreshing and good advice to approach drawing with a new sense of adventure. However, before embarking on this new drawing activity I am happy to remind myself and be ready to remind others that drawn artwork is not the immortal treasure we often deceive ourselves into believing it is, with our investments of time and money to go to see masterpieces, or preferring quiet Art galleries to lively church meetings. It is good to be skilled and work hard to draw well as drawing is a skill and a gift from God. But to many in these times, Art in itself can become a God.

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