Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Had an eventful & tiring day... first day at Jessops, lovely people and customers... then trying to create a time lapse flower animation with friend Matisse in flower allotments in New Malden all afternoon in the humid hot weather... we enjoyed a brief attack of flying ants which was a refreshing break from the time lapse monotony..

The day was completed by coming home to the arival of my copy of Amidas EP 'if the wave loves two suns'.
My friend Andy is in Amida so I've followed them over the years. I bought the EP through weepop, following the link from Amidas website.

I'm overwhelmed by weepops personal touch. Handwritten address, company stamped envelope (the postman didn't stamp my stamp so i also have a reusable stamp), handwritten personal note to me. A personalised sticker with printed Amida artwork. A free weepop BADGE. A sherbet sweet. then another handwritten card.The EP cost me about £4 including p&p so I recommend you buy one of the remaining 93 copies of the EP before the rest of the nation falls in love with weepop and Amida.

I already knew three of the five songs and am impressed with the re-recordings of those, with some new angelic strumming and seismic keyboarding. I have to think about the two new ones a bit. Right I'm done in and out like a light

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